Guidelines for Increasing Computational Speed


It is typical that while working with Detect3D on larger projects, the time required for computation speeds will increase. This section of the documentation will go over how to keep computation time short while maintaining accuracy.


As a standard baseline, if detector calculations are taking more than 60 seconds to calculate, something needs to be adjusted in the simulation. For larger project with substantial CAD files, an analysis machine with improved specs may be necessary. Ensure your machine has the recommended system requirements for Detect3D.


It is important to understand that as a user of Detect3D, you have control over the calculation time.


There are three main factors that have effect on computation speed, in order of importance they are:

  • Flame Detector Resolution

  • Geometry Tessellation

  • Geometry Distribution


In this section, only the flame detector resolution is discussed but refer to the CAD Geometry Guide for information on the latter two. 


Contents of Guidelines for Increasing Computational Speed: