The properties in this section define how the optimization should act regarding initial setups and saved layouts.



Automate Detector Count

Set this value to true if you would like the optimization to choose the number of detectors. Please note that this will result in an initial increase in detector count that is beyond the expectation of the final detector count. This is normal. Once the target criteria is achieved, the algorithm with reduce the number of detectors.


Initial Detector Count

The number of detectors in the initial individuals. If an initial layout is chosen, this number includes the detectors in the initial layout. For example, if there are 5 detectors in the initial layout and the initial detector count is 6, then 1 detector will be randomly positioned in the initial individuals. The default is 5.


Initial Layout

The layout of detectors to consider in the optimization. If no initial layout is specified, then the optimization will start at a completely random point. If the initial detector count is higher than the number of detectors in the initial layout, then additional, randomly placed detectors will be added to the layout. The effect that the initial layout has on the simulation depends upon the Initial Layout Options.


Initial Layout Options

The initial layout options define the effect of the initial layout:


  • Ignore The initial layout has no effect whatsoever.
  • Freeze Locations The initial layout is included in the optimization. The detectors remain in their original place, but the algorithm can change their angles.
  • Freeze Angles and Locations The initial layout is included in the optimization. The detectors remaining in their original place and have their original orientation. The algorithm cannot change the initial detector layout.


Saved Layouts

The number of layouts to save that are above the target coverage. The Best Layouts tab of the Optimization Controller displays the list of layouts and provides choices for the final design selection when the optimization has finished.