Combinatoric Data Generator Tool


The Combinatoric Data Generator produces a CSV file (to be opened in Excel) which contains the coverage results data for every possible combination of enabled or disabled detectors. You may access the tool via the Project Menu.


Once clicked, the data generator window opens (shown below), which allows you to select the zone to consider, and whether risk grades are also output. You can select which detectors you want in the analysis – this may be useful in a project where you have one fire zone a long way from another, and you only want the detectors close to the one fire zone to be included. By default, you can just select the “All” checkbox and it will include all the detectors in the project.


To use the tool, select the number of combinations to consider. By default, 2 is selected, which means the following scenarios are considered: no detectors disabled, one detector disabled, and combinations of two detectors disabled. Clicking “Export” will generate a CSV file to view the results.



A sample output from the Combinatoric Data Generator is shown below. Since there are six detectors in the analysis, there are six columns in the CSV file before coverage results are shown. Each one of these columns has a 1 (meaning the detector is enabled) or a 0 (meaning the detector is disabled). The corresponding coverage results for the 22 scenarios are given on each row for 0ooN, 1ooN, 2ooN, and 3ooN.