Detector Groups


Group labels can be created and assigned to detectors. Once assigned, groups of devices may be disabled and re-enabled simultaneously. This may be useful if you want detectors to only contribute to coverage in one region, such as a deck or level on an offshore platform. This may also be useful if you want to consider different detector loops in your project.


You can create a group by using the “Add Item” tab as normal:





When you do this, a new item will appear on the project tree showing the created groups:




Detectors can be assigned groups either by using the property grid, or the context menu. This applies for both flame and gas detectors:





Detectors don’t have to be assigned groups, but if they are, the assignment appears next to the name:




You can also get visual representation on the 3D window by coloring the detectors by the groups:




Once defined, groups of detectors may be disabled all at once by right-clicking on the group and choosing Disable as shown below. Enabling works in the same way. 



Detector Groups will also be listed when exporting detector layout reports.