Accessing Visibility Statistics


Tabulated percent coverage areas can be viewed by selecting the Show Coverage Results icon on the toolbar. Your percentages should be close to the values in Figure 17. The percentages may vary slightly depending on the coordinates chosen for the flame detectors and zone position.


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Tutorial 1 Coverage Results1

Tutorial 1 - Figure 17 - Coverage Results Window displaying the volumetric coverage results


The coverage results can be exported to PDF and Excel formats to facilitate report writing. To do this, select the Export button in the Coverage Results window and choose Flame Detector Coverage.


In the window that appears (partially shown below) choose either Excel, or PDF to select the export format. The results from the Excel file can be copied and pasted into emails and other reporting software.


Detect3D Export Format Options

Tutorial 1 - Figure 18 - The two options for exporting coverage results: Excel and PDF


An important part of the coverage calculation is the internal volume. Detect3D automatically removes this volume from the coverage calculation. If this calculation was not done 100% coverage could not be achieved. The internal volume can be viewed from the properties panel of defined zones, shown below by the red arrow. Once activated, regions which Detect3D has calculated as internal will appear purple and the remaining surfaces of the geometry will be slightly transparent. The properties panel of the zone also provides the total volume of the zone as well as the external volume, indicated by the green arrow. The latter volume is what is used for the coverage calculation.


It is important to always check that the internal volume is calculated correctly as this will affect the coverage percentages. 


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Tutorial 1 Internal Volume Calculation

Tutorial 1 - Figure 19 - Indication of how to view the internal volume (red arrows) as well as the calculated external volume (green arrow) used for the coverage calculation


Before continuing to the next section, ensure that the Show Internal Volume checkbox is off.