Importing a Geometry


Multiple CAD file types can be imported into Detect3D, this tutorial will import a Wavefront OBJ file.


  1. Click the Add Item Tab and select Geometry from the dropdown menu.

  2. Select the Import button and navigate to the "Simple Module.obj" file in the Detect3D installation folder and click Open. OBJ files are used in this tutorial but other CAD types, such as DWF, are recommended if you have a more complex geometry.

  3. A window, shown in Figure 01 below, will appear displaying the bounding dimensions of the geometry as well as a dropdown menu to select the units to import the file into. Ensure that meters is set as the Select Units

  4. Leave the Max. Chord Error dropdown menu set to None. This capability is described in Calculation Theory Guide.

  5. Click Confirm


Detect3D CAD Import Window

Tutorial 1 - Figure 01 - CAD Import Options window