Second Detector


Repeat the process for adding Flame Detector 01 by adding a second flame detector to the project:

  1. From the Add Items Tab, select Flame Detector from the Select Items option

  2. Enter the Name as “Flame Detector 02” if it is not already entered

  3. Use the Point Pick Tool to select the point shown below as the Location of Flame Detector 02, or enter ( 18.05, 22.05, 3.59 ) into the coordinate text boxes


    Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Tutorial 1 Second Detector Location

    Tutorial 1 - Figure 09 - Flame Detector 02 location point indicated by the yellow crosshair of the Point Pick Tool


  4. Enter an Azimuth angle of "-135 degrees"

  5. Enter a Declination of "10 degrees"

  6. Select the Preview checkbox to see that the detector is angled toward the center of the platform and slightly downward

  7. Click the Forward Arrow  once to nudge the location of the detector by 0.1 m in the direction it is aimed

  8. Click Add Item Button to add the second flame detector to the project


The resulting 3D window should resemble Figure 10. Notice how initially the detector is displayed only with its model (small red cylinder) and direction (yellow arrow). 


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Tutorial 1 Obstructed FOV

Tutorial 1 - Figure 10 - The unobstructed view for the first two flame detectors added to the project.


You can change the visibility properties of all the detectors at the same time or individually. Right-click on the Flame Detectors header item shown in Figure 11 and select Toggle All Labels. Do this a second time and choose Toggle All Obstructed FOVs. This will turn on both detector FOVs which is quite cluttered for just two detectors, repeat this process of choosing Toggle All Obstructed FOVs again to turn off their visibility.


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Tutorial 1 Toggle Label Option

Tutorial 1 - Figure 11 - Right-clicking the flame detectors header to toggle visibility items for all detectors in the project


Your window should appear similar to Figure 12 with both labels showing for each of the detectors in the project.


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Tutorial 1 Two Detectors Placed

Tutorial 1 - Figure 12 - 3D window with two flame detectors added with their labels displayed