Generating Other Reports


Detect3D has the options to generate six different report types, each will be described below:

Flame Detector Layout

The location and orientation of each flame detector in the project will be shown in either PDF or Excel formats. If detector comments were added to a detector, they will appear in the section dedicated to the specified detector. Project Information will be shown at the beginning of the report.


Gas Detector Layout

Location points and recorded alarm levels are exported to the report. Comments will be shown for each detector if they have been added.


Zone Layout

The type of zone as well as associated risk grades are entered under the information section of the report. The two defining points of the zone along with the total volume and external volume are displayed in the placement and size section. In the Discretization section the resolution and number of points in the point cloud of the zone are shown. Project Information will be entered at the beginning of the document.


Zone Layout with Coverage

Combines the information from the Zone Layout report and the Zone Coverage report.


Zone Coverage Only

Generated report will produce a PDF or Excel document containing the Coverage Results Table for a single or multiple zones in the project.


Target Data

This report will include the data shown in the Target Results Window and may be exported to either a PDF or Excel format. The results for which of the detectors can view each target in the project will be provided in a tabulated view.



This concludes Tutorial 3. You should now understand how to:

  • Add targets

  • Make screenshots,

  • View the aiming ray

  • Generate Detect3D reports.



When you have finished viewing the results close the project.