Line Targets


Line targets can be used to simulate placement of future pipes as well as outlining around valued equipment.


To place a line target:

  1. From the Add Item tab choose Target from the dropdown menu.

  2. Name the target “Target 02 – Edge of Large Tank"

  3. Select Line as the Type.

  4. Two points now need to be entered for the two endpoints of the line. For Point 1 enter the coordinate ( 10, 8, 0 ) and for Point 2 enter ( 10, 13, 0 )

  5. Click the Preview checkbox to verify the placement of the line target is similar to Figure 04

  6. Click the Add Item button 


Detect3D Line Target Example

Tutorial 3 - Figure 04 - Location of the line target along the bottom edge of the large tank


Return to the Project Item tab and select Target 02 - Edge of Large Tank and click the checkbox next to Show Label. Additionally, turn on the Obstructed FOV for Flame Detector 01. Your 3D window should be similar to the figure below.


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Flame Detector with Fire Targets

Tutorial 3 - Figure 04 - Flame Detector 01 obstructed field-of-view and the two targets of the project.


Notice the green rays coming from the underside of the tank. Since the rays pass over the line target it is deemed as "seen" by Flame Detector 01. Select the target icon on the toolbar to open the Target Results Table, confirming that Target 02 - Edge of Large Tank is visible by all three detectors in the project. The tabulated results are automatically updated when a target or flame detector is edited, added or removed from the project.


Note that targets are said to be visible to a detector if the detector can see ANY portion of the target. Even if a small point along the surface of the line is visible to the detector it will be marked as visible.


Detect3D Fire Target Results Table

Tutorial 3 - Figure 05 - Updated Target Results Table


Continue to the next section to add a cone target to the project.