Adding a Toxic Point Gas Detector


Contrary to changing an existing detector, Detect3D allows users to define a new detector with a toxic gas type. This section will go over adding a toxic point gas detector to the project.


  1. Select Point Gas Detector from the Add Item tab.

  2. Set the Name of the detector as "Point Gas Detector 04"

  3. Select Toxic from the Gas Type dropdown menu. This will change the units of the alarm settings to ppm.

  4. Leave the Low and High alarm settings as "10ppm" and "20ppm", respectively.

  5. Enter the coordinates ( 9, 19, 3 ) into the x, y, and z fields for the Location of the detector.

  6. Click the Preview check box to see that the detector is positioned near the empty area of the platform as in image below.



    Tutorial 8 - Figure 06 - Preview of the toxic point gas detector to be added to the project


  7. Click Add Item to add the toxic gas detector to the project.