Adding an Acoustic Detector

 Using the two variables discussed earlier, an acoustic detector will be added to the project:

  1. Select Acoustic Leak Detector from the dropdown menu in the Add Item tab.

  2. Set the Name of the detector as "Acoustic Leak Detector 01"

  3. For the Location of the detector enter the coordinates as ( 10, 7, 3 )

  4. Set the Azimuth and Elevation values to "0 degrees"

  5. Enter the Range to be "12 meters"

  6. Set the Up Range to "4 meters"

  7. Click the Preview check box to see that the detector is positioned near the large middle tank and next to the Point Gas Detector 01 as shown below

  8. Click Add Item to add the detector to the project, the field of influence will appear with a transparent purple color



Tutorial 9 - Figure 05 - Preview of the Acoustic Leak Detector to be added to the project