Up Full Angle


The "full" angle criteria describe the angle from the center line outwards where the detector’s range remains equal to its maximum and curvature starts toward the outer edge.


The "full" angle cannot exceed its counterpart, i.e. if the Up Angle is 30 degrees, the Up Full Angle can NOT be 31 degrees. However, a value of exactly 30 degrees can be used and will result in the edge of the FOV coming to a sharp point with no curvature. Conversely a “full” angle of 0 degrees means that the FOV range immediately degrades away from the center line.


The Up Full Angle is indicated by the red arc in the image below when looking at the FOV from a side view.


Enter "15 degrees" as the Up Full Angle for your model and continue on to the next property.



Tutorial 10 - Figure 07 - Up Full Angle  for a FOV, side view pictured