Disabling Detectors


From the previous section it was determined from the Detector Rankings Tool that Flame Detector 05 was the worst detector in the analysis in regards to its coverage contribution. We will simulate the removal of this detector by disabling it.


To disable Flame Detector 05 right click its name in the properties panel and select Disable from the dropdown menu that appears, as shown in the below image.


Tutorial 11 - Figure 09 - Right-Click Menu for a flame detector indicating the Disable feature


Immediately Detect3D will start recalculating coverages, isovolumes, and contours. Flame Detector 05 will now have a strike-through font in the project items tree and its FOV will appear gray in the 3D window, as seen in Figure 10 below. Once a detector has been disabled it can be re-Enabled using the same process.


Tutorial 11 - Figure 10 - Disabled Flame Detector 05 with strike-through text and gray FOV


Select the Show Coverage Results icon to see that both of the sub-zones (Upper Flanges and Lower Valves) still achieve the required 1ooN and 2ooN coverage targets. This process of disabling or removing the worst performing detector can be repeated until the target is no longer met or the layout is determined as sufficient in coverage.


The previous section only looking at the rankings for the Main Zone, but as the client was more concerned about the sub-zone coverage values the next section will go over using the rankings tool on each of the sub-zone regions.