Defining a Fire Zone

Open a new project and import the Simple Module.obj file from the Detect3D installation folder. Alternatively, load the geometry from the Help menu by clicking on the Load Sample Geometries option and selecting the Simple Module.obj file.


Add a new Zone to the project using the following coordinates, leaving the Type set to Geographic: Point and the Resolution as Medium (.25m):

  • Point 1: (1, 1, 0)

  • Point 2: (16.5, 21, 4)


Optimization with the genetic algorithm can be performed on any zone or sub-zone defined in your project. Optimization may be performed on multiple sub-zones at the same time but only one zone at a time. No extra steps need to be taken during the definition of zones or sub-zones to perform optimization. The optimization will work with any defined zone and any loaded geometry.



Tutorial 12 - Figure 01 - Defined Zone 01 from the 2 points stated above in the Simple Module.obj geometry