Viewing Mode and Offline Access


You may choose to open Detect3D or in:Flux in viewing mode. This will remove the ability to edit or add any project items in the software. The purpose of this mode is to allow end-users and other clients to view the results created in the software. Users may still export reports, toggle visibility of project items and create screenshots in this mode.


Upon opening Detect3D or in:Flux, the software checks with the Insight Numerics License Server to validate licenses. You may check your connection with the Insight Numerics License Server by selecting Test License Server Connection from the Help Menu. This will send a ping test to determine if your machine can communicate with the license server.


Network licenses need internet access to validate the license key with the Insight Numerics License Server. Offline access is only available for the viewing mode.


If your computer loses and internet connection, after 5 minutes Detect3D or in:Flux will warn of an internet connection loss and switch to viewing mode which will still allow you to save the project.