Fire and Gas Mapping Resources

Below is a list of links to guides and documents which may be of use for various fire and gas mapping and other safety analysis projects.


Commonly referenced documents associated with Fire and Gas Mapping

  1. UK HSE OTO 93-002: Offshore gas detector siting criterion investigation of detector spacing

  2. UK HSE RR602: Assessment of gas detection strategies for offshore HVAC ducts based on CFD modeling

  3. UK HSE RR672: Offshore hydrocarbon releases 2001-2008

  4. UK HSE RR1123: Fixed flammable gas detector systems on offshore installations: optimisation and assessment of effectiveness

  5. UK HSE - The selection and use of flammable gas detectors

  6. API 14C: Recommended practice for analysis, design, installation and testing of basic surface safety systems

  7. EN 54-2: Fire detection and fire alarm systems

  8. OGP 434-01: Process Release Frequencies

  9. FM 3260: Approval criteria for radiant energy-sensing fire detectors




F&G Mapping Standards and Guidelines

  1. British Standard BS 60080-2020

  2. ISA TR84.00.07

  3. BP GP 30-85 (2017): Fire and Gas Detection

  4. BP GP 24-85 (2017): Design Basis for Fire and Gas Detector Placement

  5. Shell DEP

  6. NORSOK S-001

  7. Petronas PTS 14.33.01