Shortcut Keys


Listed below are the varying shortcut keys that are available for Detect3D and in:Flux.


Note that some of the keys can only be used when the 3D window is activated (by clicking once in the 3D window) or a specific pick tool is activated (by clicking the pick tool icon Picture 1 .



General Shortcut Keys



Ctrl+C (in the 3D window)

Creates a screenshot of the current view of the 3D viewport window. The screen shot will be sized based on the resolution of your screen. The background of the image will match that of the 3D viewport window.


Opens a window to import a new 3D CAD file.


Starts a new project file after prompting the user to save the current project.


Opens a previously saved in:Flux (.ifx) or Detect3D (.d3d) file.


Toggles between the two perspective options for the 3D viewport window:

  • Perspective – the default mode, which contains vanishing points to the 3D window to appear similar to actuality.

  • Orthographic – removes all perspectives on the 3D window. A top view will then appear similar to a plot plan drawing.


Ends the current session and closes the software application. Users will be prompted to confirm before closing.


Saves the current project.



Pick Tool




A toggle option, click once to turn on and click again to turn off. Suspends the Pick Tool which allows the user to use the mouse to pan, rotate, and zoom within the 3D window without selecting a point.


Closes the Pick Tool





Equipment Pick Tool

With Pick Tool Active, Press



Can be used two ways:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl while clicking and dragging a box over the CAD pieces that you want to add to the selection.

  2. Press and hold Ctrl and click once on a layer of a CAD geometry which you want to add to the selection


Press and hold Shift while clicking and dragging a box over the selected yellow triangles of the CAD that you want to keep in the selection.


Press and hold Alt while clicking and dragging a box over the selected yellow triangles of the CAD that you want to remove from the selection.


Clears the current selection – all the selected triangles (which appear yellow) will be unselected. Equivalent to closing the Equipment Pick Tool and opening it again.


Accept the selection.


A toggle option. Toggles the visibility of all project items which are not currently selected by the Equipment Pick Tool. Only the yellow selected triangles of the CAD will be showing with this toggled on.


Closes the Equipment Pick Tool