Creating a Single Component Pure Gas


Although the AIChE DIPPR database is provided with in:Flux, users may still define their own single-component gases for use in simulations.


The necessary variables needed to define a pure gas are as follows:

  • Molar Mass (g/mol)

  • Viscosity (Pa.s)

  • Cp (J/kg.K) - heat capacity at constant pressure

  • Conductivity (W/m.K) - thermal conductivity

  • LFL (%vol) - lower flammable limit

  • UFL (%vol) - upper flammable limit

  • Stoichiometric (%vol)



The below example adds a water vapor gas to the project, even though it is already listed in the DIPPR database.


To create a pure gas:

  • Click the Add Item tab and select Gas Definition from the Select Item: dropdown menu.

  • Choose the Type to be Pure Gas

  • Enter the Name of the gas to be "Created Water Vapor"

  • Leave the Template dropdown menu for now.

  • Enter a value of "18.02" as the Molar Mass

  • Set the Viscosity to "0.00000916" and Cp as "1862.7"

  • Lastly, enter the Conductivity as "0.017"

  • Press the Add Item button



Once added to the project, the pure gas can be found in the Fluids Databases ( icon on the toolbar). The window has two tabs, one being linked to the DIPPR database and the other being gases that were created in the project.




From the Fluids Databases window, you may export or import the gases created in your project. The Project Database is always saved with the .ifx file for the project so if the project file is opened on another machine it will have the necessary gases for the project.