Running an Inflow Group Dispersion Case


  1. Continue from the last section by clicking the Add Item tab and select Dispersion Simulation from the dropdown menu

  2. Select the Westerly, 5 m/s wind case as the Ventilation

  3. Choose the Inflow Group 01 as the Inflow



  4. Click the Add Item button

  5. The dispersion case will begin calculation after initialization. You may open the simulation monitor and view the mesh and currently calculated contours of the Inflow Group. A clip plane has been added to the figure below to show the mesh from all three inflows.



  6. Upon completion of the simulation you may add isovolumes, contours, vectors and streamlines just as you would with single inflow dispersion cases. The below image shows three isosurfaces for the inflow group: 100% LFL in red, 50% LFL in orange, and 25% LFL in transparent yellow.