Using Inflow Templates and the Auto-Add Tool


Using a template combined with the pick tool and selecting the Auto-Add after Pick option in the panel allows for inflows to be defined by just one click. The location of the inflow will be the point selected and the angle of the inflow will be dictated by the normal vector of the selected triangle. Changing the Pick Tool Rounding option will increase the accuracy of the normal vector.


The below example adds two more inflows to Tutorial 5's third section:

  1. Start with the Tutorial 5.ifx file

  2. Click the Add Item tab and select Gas Leak or Emission from the dropdown menu.

  3. Set the name to "Auto-Add HP Methane Release 01"

  4. In the Template option select HP Release 02

  5. Change the Pick Tool Rounding to Nearest 15°

  6. Select the Auto-Add after Pick checkbox.



  7. Click the pick tool button and select the desired leak locations. Each point will have the same release properties and be angled in the direction equivalent to the normal of the selected CAD piece. The figure below represents how you may quick add 4 or more leaks around a flange with just a few clicks. Remember that you can press Ctrl while the pick tool is active to pause or suspend the pick tool (this is a toggled option) which will allow you to move around the 3D window without selecting a point. If you accidentally click a point and the yellow truncated cone appears, press Esc to exit the pick tool, go to the Project Items tab and delete the incorrectly added inflow.


    Series of four leak locations defined with four clicks around the flange using the Auto-Add capability


  8. Press Esc to exit out of the pick tool. There is no need to click the add item button as the points have already been added to the project. Check this by returning to the Project Items tab.