Assigning Simulations to Visuals


Once simulations have been completed and visuals defined it becomes tedious to manually change each visual to a specific simulation.


in:Flux allows for users to set all the visualization of a project to a single simulation in just two clicks.

  1. For any completed simulation, right-click on the name in the Project Items tab.

  2. Select the 'Picture 33 Set For All Visuals' option


    Picture 34

    Tutorial 6 - Figure 28 - Steps for assigning a simulation to all visuals


  3. After in:Flux retrieves the necessary data from memory, for each visual defined the Simulation parameter in the properties panel will be set to the selected simulation in Step 1. However, the visuals will retain the same Variable they have been originally assigned. Meaning, in this example below using the project file from Tutorial 2, that both contours will be synced with the dispersion simulation case but the variable of the first contour (shown) is still Streamwise Velocity thus the contour represents the velocity on the z = 5.94 meter plane due to the wind and dispersion release. This is also apparent with the streamlines. Notice that the isosurfaces remain the same as they were already defined to the dispersion simulation.


Picture 35

Tutorial 6 - Figure 29 - Showing the streamwise velocity of the dispersion simulation as well as the isosurfaces of 100% and 50% LFL


Picture 36

Tutorial 6 - Figure 30 - Streamlines representing the velocity magnitude of the dispersion simulation


If this is ever done by accident you can always go back to each visual and manually change the Simulation under the CFD Parameters header.