Streamline Opacity and Line Width


Just as with contours, the opacity of streamlines can be changed via its properties panel.


To edit the opacity of a streamline:

  1. Select the desired streamline in the Project Items tab, the below figure is from the Tutorial 1 file.

  2. In the properties panel of the streamline, under the Appearance section expand the Color Map information.

  3. Here you can edit the opacity value as indicated in the figure below. A value of 0 will make the contour fully transparent and unseen, a value of 255 will be fully opaque (which is the default). Enter a value of "100" as the Opacity and click off the panel to confirm the value.


Tutorial 6 - Figure 85 - red arrows showing process for changing the streamline transparency


In the above example, changing the opacity appears to have little effect on the visualization. This is because the lines are spaced far enough apart that you can see through them enough that changing opacity appears to have no effect. However, if we increase the size of the line width it will have more of an affect. This may be desirable for varying applications where a thicker line is needed.


Line Width can be changed for already defined streamlines via its properties panel. In the Appearance section, locate Line Width - the default value is "3". Change this to be a value of "9". The figure below shows the resulting semi-transparent streamline from this section.



Tutorial 6 - Figure 86 - red arrow showing where line width can be changed in the properties panel of a selected streamline


Alternatively, you may decrease the line width. The below figure shows a line width of "1". Line Width can be any integer greater than 1.


Tutorial 6 - Figure 87 - showing the difference in line width sizes