Reviewing Individual Component Data


As monitor points were added in Tutorial 3 before the dispersion case was run, the points will have been already populated with the data from the gas mixture dispersion.


Select Monitor Point Data from the Project menu to open the Monitor Point Data Window and notice that the Variable dropdown menu contains all the variables for both the pure methane gas leak and the gas mixture. Set the Variable to HYDROGEN SULFIDE Volume Fraction, ppm.


Figure 26 shows the resulting table which indicates that the concentration along with walkway (Monitor Point 01 and 02) are higher than the 100ppm criteria viewed in the isosurface.


Tutorial 7 - Figure 28 - Monitor Point Data Window displaying H2S levels in ppm for the gas mixture dispersion case


As was discussed in Tutorial 3, the monitor points shown in the window can be filtered by name. Toggling the labels on in the 3D window we can see which monitors are pertinent to the northern walkway. The filtered monitor point data window and associated 3D window view are shown in Figures 29, 30, and 31.


Tutorial 7 - Figure 29 - Viewing all of the monitor point labels to discern which are on the walkway (MP02, MPG16, MPG17, MPG18, and MPG19)



Tutorial 7 - Figure 30 - Showing Monitor Point Grid 16, 17, 18, 19 and Monitor Point 02 being the only points showing in the Monitor Point Data Window



Tutorial 7 - Figure 31 - Monitor Point Data Window filtered to show only the 5 monitor points along the walkway



From the view in Figure 30 and the filtered monitor point data we can tell that the entire walkway is compromised from the simulated release with levels reaching as high as 200ppm of H2S. It may be advisable to move the walkway further from the facility, if this was a greenfield project was in a design phase or take other precautions.



You have now completed Tutorial 7 and should understand how to create your own multi-component gas mixtures and view individual component data.



Save your project once you are finished reviewing the results.