Adding an Inflow with a Shutdown Time (ESD)


In this section we will create a new inflow with a shutdown time for use in a transient simulation. The HP Release 01 defined in Tutorial 2 will be used as a template


Ensure that the checkbox next to HP Release 01 in the Project Items tab is off so that it does not visually appear in the 3D window.


  1. From the Add Items tab, select Gas Leak or Emission as the Select Item

  2. Ensure the Type is High Pressure Gas Leak and then enter a Name of "HP Release 01 with ESD"

  3. From the Template dropdown options, choose HP Release 01. The properties and location of the leak will be copied to all of the text boxes in the panel and a red inflow will appear in the 3D window as Figure 17 shows below.


    Picture 30

    Tutorial 8 - Figure 17 - selection of a template inflow to copy the location and orientation of HP Release 01


  4. Near the bottom of the panel click the Isolation and Depressurization text or arrow to open the ESD panel.


    Picture 31

    Tutorial 8 - Figure 18 - red arrow showing where to open the shutdown panel


  5. Set the Shutdown Time to "10" seconds. Once entered, you may view the depressurization transient graph by clicking the green graph icon (Picture 32) shown in Figure 19 below. This verifies that at 10 seconds the shutdown will occur and the upstream pressure will reduce to 0 bar (g).

  6. Leave the Inventory as infinite for now. If any of the infinite values are accidentally changed, you can return them to their original state by clicking the Reset text. 

  7. Click the Add Item button to add the HP Release 02 with ESD to the project.


Picture 33

Tutorial 8 - Figure 19 - view of add item panel with a 10 second shutdown added to the inflow



After the inflow is added to the Project Items tab you can still view the transient profile graph by right-clicking the inflow and choosing View Transient Profile as shown in Figure 20 below.


Picture 34

Tutorial 8 - Figure 20 - viewing the transient profile graph after a leak has been added to the project