Transient Isosurfaces


Next look at the already defined isosurfaces in the project:

  1. Switch the Simulation assigned to the 100% LFL isosurface to the HP Release 01 on Westerly, 5 m/s with the transient data. If you are unfamiliar with this process, Tutorial 5 goes over changing simulations synced with already defined visualizations.

  2. Similar to the options for selecting a time step for the contour, you can choose the Simulation time of the isosurface.


    Tutorial 8 - Figure 07 - selection of the time step for an already defined isosurface in the project after change the simulation the isosurface is displaying


  3. Select the second option listed in the Simulation Time, for the figure above this is at 0.0317 seconds.

  4. The isosurface will be updated and show appear similar to the figure below.


    Tutorial 8 - Figure 08 - 100%LFL isosurface at 0.03s from start


  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the 50 %LFL isosurface. We can see that at the initial stages of the leak the 50% and 100% LFL values are nearly identical. Take some time and repeat Step 3 to compare the isosurfaces at other time steps.


    Tutorial 8 - Figure 09 - 50%LFL (blue) and 100%LFL (red) isosurface at 0.03s from start


    Continue to the next section to review the monitor point data for the transient simulation.