Review Results for Risk Based Analysis


With the consequence and risk applied to each simulation, a risk contour can be added.


Toggle on the visibility of the contour with a Frequency data type. From its properties panel, change the Data Type to Risk as shown in the figure below.


Picture 42

Tutorial 11 - Figure 24 - Changing the risk contour to have a Risk data type


This will only slightly change the contour visually, however the legend will now have changed to show the ranges corresponding to the calculated risk, shown in Figure 25. This is because the maximum and minimum values of the frequency contour were automatically chosen. When switching to the risk data type the values where automatically updated for the risk data. You can change to a user-defined maximum and minimum values from the properties panel of the contour in the Color Map section. change the height of the contour up and down within the risk data set. If you were positioning gas detectors, where would you place them based on this result? This will be discussed in the following tutorial.


Picture 43

Tutorial 11 - Figure 25 - Risk contour showing exceedance of 10%LFL


This concludes Tutorial 11. You should now understand setting up and reviewing scenario, frequency and risk results for an example facility.


Continue to Tutorial 12 to use the generated risk data to run a gas detector optimization.