Defining Monitor Groups


Monitor Groups help organize and distinguish sets of monitors in large projects (having 100s to 1000s of monitors). Monitor Groups can also be used to create a sub-set of points to differentiate or compare optimization cases, e.g. existing layout vs optimized.


A Monitor Group can be added via the Add Items tab or by right-clicking Monitor Group in the Project Items tab and pressing 'Add' or by opening the Monitor Group Manager ( Picture 11 ) on the toolbar.


As the monitor groups Group 02 and Group 03 were defined in the previous section we can rename them via the Monitor Group Manager.

  1. From the Project Menu select the Monitor Group Manager

  2. In the window that appears, click the Group 02 text on the left Groups section of the window. 129 monitor points should be assigned to this group as shown below


    Picture 12

    Tutorial 12 - Figure 7 - Monitor Group Manager showing the assigned monitors for Group 02


  3. In the bottom left of the window, change the Name of the group to "Monitor Points", click off the panel to verify the new name.

  4. Repeat Step 3 and rename Group 03 to "Monitor Lines" which should have 4 monitors assigned to it. The Unassigned monitor is the monitor region which may be left as-is.

  5. The Monitor Group Manager will automatically assign a color to each group, you may change this from the automatically chosen one.


Make sure your window is similar to Figure 8 below before continuing.


Picture 13

Tutorial 12 - Figure 8 - Monitor Group Manager with renamed groups for monitor points and monitor lines