Automation with ifx:Solve

As of version 1.23 of ifx:Solve, batch files can be used to open and start running .ifxs files. This becomes useful when projects have several solver files to run.


Below is the text which you can enter into a text file and save with a ".bat" extension. The .bat should be added to the directory which contains the .ifxs which you want to be run. Once this is done, double-click the .bat file to start the automation. 


For the below text to work, ensure the directory that ifx:Solve is installed to is listed in the "SET" line of code below. Note this would only be different if you chose a different installation directory than the default. The .bat file contains a FOR loop which will open each .ifxs file in its directory, use a license key which was previously entered and then starts calculating the first case in the list of scheduled cases.


If you have any questions about this capability, please contact


:: set the location of the executable on the machine. Note that spaces must be included in quotes e.g. C:\"Program Files"\

SET exe=C:\"Program Files"\ifxSolve\ifxSolve.exe

:: this loops through all the .ifxs files in the current directory
:: additional options can be found here:
:: options for ifx:Solve
::    -autosave        ifx:Solve will automatically save once all tasks are complete
::    -autolicense        ifx:Solve will automatically choose the first valid license stored on the machine
::    -autorun        ifx:Solve will automatically run when a project is loaded
::    -fullauto        all of the automatic options

for %%i in (*.ifxs) do START %exe% -fullauto "%%i"