Risk Data Set and Creating Solver Files

Before setting off the 184 cases to run, a risk-data set should be defined. This will collect data for a single variable for each simulation calculated and allow for exceedance contours to be generated. 


For this project, a risk-data set for Incident Radiation will be made:

  1. From the Add Items tab, choose Risk Data Set from the Select Item dropdown menu

  2. Enter a Name for the set such as "Radiation Risk Data Set"

  3. Choose a Variable for the Risk Data, for this example Incident Radiation, kW/m2

  4. Select All Fire Simulations as the Simulations to be used for the data set.

  5. Enter the two definition points of the Risk Data Set as ( 95, 96.5, 21.11 ) for Point 1 and ( 121.4, 120, 30 ) for Point 2

  6. In the Consequence Weighting section set the Method to Uniform. As this tutorial does not go into consequence for fire simulations.

  7. Leave the Advanced options as is

  8. Uncheck the Run Now checkbox

  9. Click the Add Item button.

  10. in:Flux will then prompt you if a Monitor Region should be defined. As we will not be needing the gas cloud size, click NO for this tutorial. 


Tutorial 19 - Figure 19 - Preview of Incident Radiation Risk Data Set


Save your project before continuing.


Creating and Running Distributed Solver Files

Solver files help expedite the calculation of project using the ifx:Solve software. Determine the number of files needed for your project - this is generally based on the computational resources you have available (number of analysis machines or cloud based virtual machines). We recommend saving a new test project file and running one fire simulations to determining the amount of memory and CPU needed for one case then use that information for how many can be calculated in parallel - as ifx:Solve has an unlimited seat license type so multiple instances can be open on the same or multiple machines with the same license key. We have found for most small to medium sized projects 3-4 solver files per machine works well. 


To create solver files for a project:

  1. Select Create Distributed Solver Files from the File menu

  2. Based on your computational resources, enter a number of files to create to be calculated on other machines as described above. This example will create 4 files.

  3. Click Create Files and four .ifxs files will be created in the same directory as the saved .ifx main file. They will each have the same name as the main .ifx file with a -00, -01, -02, -03, etc listed at the end. The Project Items Tab will also have a new section called Data Files, listed under the Fire Simulations. 


These files can now be run on the same machine or moved to other machines to be solved. This can be done with in:Flux or the ifx:Solve software. Tutorial 13 goes into more detail about the ifx:Solve software and its functions.


You may let the calculations run on your machine or you may download the .ifx file with the updated risk-data here: inFlux v2.0 Tutorials 15 - 19.zip (263MB). To keep the download file size small, the .ifxs data files are not included but may be requested by contacting us at info@insightnumerics.com