Simulation Summary for Fire Simulations

The full scenario matrix is shown in the Simulation Summary Tab, this is the combination of the 22 leaks defined with the 8 wind cases resulting in 176 jet fire cases. The number of scenarios, and total frequency is listed on the right side of the window. 


Tutorial 19 - Figure 17 - Simulation Summary tab for Tutorial 19


The frequency column may be sorted so that a sub-set of scenarios can be selected to add to the project. The figure below shows that 104 cases were selected which make up 91% of the total frequency of the project. It could then be decided to run just the 104 cases rather than the full 176. For the purposes of this project all scenarios will be calculated. 


Tutorial 19 - Figure 18 - Showing how a selection of cases would result in still having 91% of the frequency of leaks accounted for


To add the cases to the project,

  1. click the All checkbox or press Ctrl+A to highlight all the cases in the table.

  2. Change the Type in the upper right corner to Fire 

  3. click the Add to Project button on the bottom right of the window. 

  4. If prompted, set the ground height to the ocean surface (z=0) and click confirm.

  5. Click Yes to add the 8 wind cases and 176 fire cases to the project


Save your project before continuing.