in:Flux Tutorials Introduction


The in:Flux Documentation will use varying fonts to indicate different menus and selection objects in the software:

  • Bold Font - represents a text item that is present in in:Flux

  • Italic Font - represents a menu item or button that is to be chosen by the user

  • "quoted text" - are text input items to be entered by the user

  • underlined text - are keys to be pressed on the keyboard, e.g. Ctrl, Atl, Shift, etc

  • blue underlined text - represents a link to another section within the documentation or an external website.


An example of the above - From the Add Items Tab, choose Ventilation Simulation from the Select Item dropdown menu and enter a value of "10" in the Wind Speed text box as shown in the image below.


Tutorial X - Figure Y - Example screenshot image from the in:Flux UI, described by the varying fonts above.



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