Geometry Distribution ‎Conclusions


If possible, edit the CAD file so that it does not include geometry features that needlessly extend the bounding box, in particular:


  1. Pipe work and risers.

  2. Small boxes, buildings or construction lines far away from the main geometry where the fire zone is located.

  3. Roads, or other features.


  • Note that this is normally not a problem for offshore projects, except when risers or flares are included as part of the geometry

  • Even then, this guidance is more relevant to onshore projects as shown in the Distribution Comparison section.

  • It is good practice to crop geometry before performing your fire and gas mapping analyses.

  • Cropping geometries not only puts less stress on the graphics and memory cards but allows for faster computation times.


It is good practice to crop your geometry to have a single fire zone per project (.d3d file).



When you have finished viewing the results close the project.