Tutorial 7 - Inverse Square Law and FOV Multipliers




The Field-Of-View (FOV) Multiplier is a value which extends or degrades the maximum range for flame detectors in the project. A value of 1 indicates no change to the maximum range. This property is useful in conjunction with the inverse square law to perform analyses for varying fire sizes.


The FOV Multiplier is a property of risk grades in Detect3D which can be made Visible to appear in the 3D window or can be assigned to zones or sub-zones in the project. This is the same for gas cloud sizes as discussed in Tutorial 6.


Learning objects for this tutorial include how to:

  • Use Detect3D's inverse square law tool

  • Edit the FOV Multiplier value for existing risk grades

  • Change the Visible risk grade

  • Review coverage of a zone with a risk grade containing a FOV multiplier value



Files used in this tutorial:


Contents of Tutorial 7: