Tutorial 6 - Changing Gas Cloud Size



Performance standards often ask for varying gas cloud sizes for different types of risk areas in a facility. Detect3D makes use of the spherical gas cloud methodology created by the UK HSE for gas detector mapping. You can view the documents in which the methodology is based upon on the HSE webpage. Many operators have used this methodology as a basis for their own performance standards. It is then important to know how to change the gas cloud size in an analysis to comply with the different performance standards.


In Detect3D, the gas cloud size can be changed by editing a current risk grade or creating a new one. This tutorial will go over changing the size of the gas cloud after detectors have already been added to a project by creating and new risk grade. The new risk grade will be assigned to a zone and made as the "Visible" risk grade so that it appears in the 3D window.



Learning objects for this tutorial include how to:

  • Create a new risk grade with a different gas cloud size and assign it to a zone

  • Change the Visible risk grade

  • View the updated coverage results

  • View gas detector voting using risk grades


Files used in this tutorial:


Contents of Tutorial 6: