Adding Non-Circular Inflows by Selecting Points


Using the same example as in the previous section a non-circular inflow will be defined using a custom gas emission.


  1. Select Gas Leak or Emission from the Select Item dropdown menu

  2. Choose Custom Gas Emission as the Type

  3. Set the Name to "Release 02"

  4. Choose the Gas to be Methane

  5. Enter a value of "300m/s" for the Velocity and "-20°C" as the Temperature

  6. In the Size, Location, and Orientation section, choose Planar as the Selection option and From Points as the Method



  7. The Multi-Pick Tool button will appear in the panel once the Step 6 options are chosen. The tool allows for a series of points to be selected. Select the multi-pick tool and see the hotkeys window appear in the upper left corner of the 3D window. As you click points within the CAD model, in:Flux will show the delta vector between the last point clicked and the mouse cursor. Pressing "c" on the keyboard will close the series of points, meaning that in:Flux will connect the first point you clicked with the last point selected. There is no limit to the number of points you can use to define the inflow however, convex shapes are preferred.


    Take some time to test out this feature, refer to the hotkeys window for other options of the multi-pick tool.


    The below figures show the steps used for drawing a hexagon on one of the exhaust outlets.





  8. Use the and the Increment Forward button buttons to ensure that the direction of the inflow has been defined correctly.



  9. Click the Add Item button to add the inflow to the project.

  10. The custom inflow can then be selected for dispersion simulations.


The Multi-Pick Tool is also used for creating poly-lines in the CAD Creation tool within in:Flux. If you have any questions about the tools of in:Flux feel free to email for further explanations or to request an online demonstration.