Setting up Multiple Ventilations


Load your saved Tutorial 3 file into in:Flux before continuing, or you can use the example file located in the inFlux Files for Tutorials 1 - (81MB). If any post-processing or other project items are showing, turn off their visibility by deselecting the checkbox next to each item name from the Project Items Tab.


To setup multiple ventilation simulations:

  1. From the Add Items tab choose Ventilation Simulation from the Select Item dropdown menu

  2. Set the Wind Speed to "5 m/s"

  3. From the Wind Direction dropdown menu press and hold Ctrl on your keyboard and click each one of the wind directions, excluding Westerly (90°) as it was already simulated in Tutorial 1. A blue highlight of the text, as shown below, will appear upon each click.


    Picture 4

    Tutorial 4 - Figure 01 - Selection of multiple wind directions by using Ctrl+click for each


  4. Keep Automatic as the Domain Sizing and ignore the Advanced section for now.

  5. Ensure that the Run Now checkbox is selected and click the Add Item button


That's it! You have now added 7 additional ventilation simulations to the project. A notification will appear stating that the wind profiles have been successfully added, as in Figure 02 below.


Picture 5

Tutorial 4 - Figure 02 - Notification of successfully added wind profiles


Return to the Project Items tab to confirm that the simulations have been added to the project. Your window should appear as Figure 03 below.


Picture 6

Tutorial 4 - Figure 03 - Listing of the 7 new ventilation simulations in the project items tab


Continue to the next section to learn about the simulation scheduler and how to change the order of priority for the calculations.