Reviewing the Simulation Summary


The full scenario matrix generated from the information entered in the leak frequencies and wind conditions tab is shown on the Simulation Summary tab.


The total number of scenarios is listed on the upper-right corner of the window - 120 cases for this tutorial. We will return to this table after the simulations have completed to add a consequence value based on the flammable mass of the resulting gas cloud for each case, alternatively you may manually enter a consequence value using the Property editor at the bottom left of the window.


Frequency and consequence data may be added before or after simulations have been calculated.


Tutorial 11 - Figure 14 - Simulation Summary tab for Tutorial 11


Clicking the top of the Frequency column will sort the cases by their associated frequencies. It can be decided if the likelihood of a case is too low to exclude it from cases added to the project. This can be done by selecting the group of simulations using the Shift key and clicking Add to Project.


If HVAC or Fans have been defined in the project (via the Add Items Tab) a dropdown menu will appear on the right side of the Simulation Summary tab to allow for them to be selected and added to the simulations. If no HVAC has been defined this option will not appear.


For this tutorial, all defined cases will be added to the project - click the All checkbox to the upper-right of the table, shown below, or press Ctrl+A to select all rows in the table.


Ensure the Run Now checkbox is unchecked and click Add to Project at the bottom right of the Risk Manager Window. Click Yes in the window that appears to add 12 ventilation and 120 dispersion cases to the project.


inFlux Risk Manager's Simulation Summary Select All Checkbox

Tutorial 11 - Figure 15 - Indication of 'All' Checkbox in Simulation Summary tab of Risk Manager


Save your project before continuing.