Optimization Controller

When a Risk Data Set and monitors have been defined in a project, an optimization can be run. The optimization controller can only be accessed after a Risk Data Set has been created and updated.


To open the controller, right-click on Risk Data 01 and select Gas Detector Optimization as shown below.


Picture 14

Tutorial 12 - Figure 9 - How to open the optimization controller


The window that appears is the Gas Detector Optimization Controller, here you can run several optimizations based on the available parameters, e.g. detector groups, alarm levels, voting strategies and targets. The generated layouts will appear in the bottom left of the window. Selecting a layout will show the resulting 1ooN and 2ooN coverages achieved by the selected layout.


Tutorial 12 - Figure 10 - Optimization Controller for in:Flux



The following cases for gas detector optimizations will be discussed: