Geometry Distribution


Geometry distribution concerns the bounding box of the geometry (i.e. the extents in the x, y, and z directions).


It is generally favorable to have the bounding box closely resemble the area of interest for the fire and gas mapping project. Users may choose one of two ways to achieve this:

  1. Edit the geometry in external CAD software - it is understood that this is not always possible.

  2. Use the Crop Tool built into Detect3D and in:Flux.


The reason why this is important is that Detect3D and in:Flux partitions the space in the bounding box when the geometry is imported.


The effectiveness of this partitioning affects the ray casting computation speed.


When the bounding box is big, but the space for the fire and gas mapping is small, the partitioning is less effective, and the computations may be slightly slower.


It is especially inefficient when pipe work protrudes from the geometry, needlessly extending the bounding box. In these circumstances, efforts should be made to "cut" the geometry to reduce the bounding box size.



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