Adding Non-Circular Inflows by Selecting Triangles‎


  1. In the Figure below we have two exhaust ducts which we will define a custom gas emission

  2. Select Gas Leak or Emission from the Select Item dropdown menu

  3. Choose Custom Gas Emission as the Type



  4. Leave the Name as "Release 01"

  5. Set the Gas to Methane and set the Velocity as "300m/s" and Temperature as "-20°C" . For gas emissions, a multi-component mixture should be used. Methane is used in this section just as a hypothetical example, but you may select any gas.

  6. From the Size, Location and Orientation section set the Selection type as Planar and the Method as From Triangles



  7. Clicking the Select Triangles arrow will open the Equipment Pick Tool. While pressing Ctrl click once on the surface of one of the exhaust ducts. Note that the release may not immediately appear or be pointed in the correct direction. The figure below shows that a label exists for the release, but it cannot be seen.



  8. With the Equipment Pick Tool still active, press "g" on the keyboard to toggle the visibility of all the non-selected items in the 3D window. We can now see that the release in the opposite direction.



  9. Click the button to flip the direction of the release and click the Increment Forward button once to move the release slightly away from the CAD.



  10. Select the Add Item button to add the release to the project.

  11. The release can now be selected for dispersion simulations. Meshing and initial conditions will be properly accounted for.