Importing Projects from in:Flux

Both Detect3D and in:Flux can share project information with each other.


If you already have a .ifx project file saved you may select the file when importing a 3D CAD geometry to Detect3D. Doing this will import only the CAD model though, follow the steps below for the other information which can be shared.


  1. From the File menu, click the Import from in:Flux CFD... option.


  2. The below window will appear allowing you to select which features you would like to import:

    1. Load Geometry which will perform the same function as described above

    2. Load Monitor Points from in:Flux as Point Gas Detectors 

    3. Load Monitor Lines as Open-Path GAs Detectors

    4. Load Monitor Regions as Zones



After clicking the import button the chosen items will be imported into the Detect3D project. If you already have geometry and zones defined then you will need to click the Update All button on the toolbar to update the project with the imported gas detectors and zones.