Tutorial 5 - Risk Grades



Depending on your project, you may wish to use Detect3D's risk grades to dictate various performance targets. Tutorials 5, 6, 7, and 8 will go over varying ways of using risk grades in projects.


Detect3D's risk grades allows you to:

  • Obtain separate coverage statistics for a group of zones or sub-zones

  • Change the field-of-view multiplier of flame detectors to account for varying fire sizes.

  • Change the size of the theoretical gas cloud for gas mapping

  • Change the gas detector type to Combustible or Toxic gas devices

  • Assign optimization performance targets for ≥1ooN and ≥2ooN

  • Placeholder for gas cloud concentrations

  • Assign High and Low alarm levels for gas detectors


Learning objects for this tutorial include how to:

  • Change the risk grade assigned to a zone or sub-zone

  • Delete risk grades

  • Create a new risk grade


Files used in this tutorial:


Contents of Tutorial 5: