Tutorial 3 - Use of Fire Targets and Report Generation


Detect3D Fire and Gas Mapping Fire Targets


For fire mapping, Detect3D allows for "targets" to be defined in the project. These targets can be a point, line or cone placed within the 3D model. Detect3D then determines which detectors can and cannot view the defined target - if any part of the target is within the detector FOV, it is deems as "seen". This capability does not require zones to have been defined to obtain results.


Detect3D divides targets into three types: point targets, line targets, and cone targets. This tutorial will cover how to place these targets in a project and use them to determine which detectors can see each.


Additionally, the tutorial will also cover how to output varying reports from detector location and orientation to target data and tabulated coverage results. 


In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to load a saved project.

  • How to place point, line, and cone targets and assess the visibility of each to flame detectors.

  • How to view the aiming ray of a placed flame detector.

  • How to edit project information and installation notes.

  • How to output auto-generated reports.


Files used in this tutorial:



Contents of Tutorial 3: