in:Flux Tutorial 16 - Multiple Fire Simulations Definition


Once a ventilation case and inflows have been defined they can be used to define a single fire simulation of multiple simulations in bulk quantities to be run in series. As with the multiple dispersion simulations tutorial, no scripting is needed with in:Flux so time can be spent focusing on the other parts of the project.


This tutorial will go over adding multiple jet fire simulations to the project, looking at a single location but varying sizes or fires which could occur. Monitor points will be used to compare radiation values along a walkway to determine if escape routes are hindered for the simulated cases. 



In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Use the inflow template

  • Define multiple jet fire simulations to be run in series

  • View monitor point data of incident radiation along a walkway



You may continue from your own working file made in the last tutorial, or use the one provided below from this download inFlux v2.0 Tutorials 15 - (263MB):

  • Tutorial 15.ifx (10MB)

  • Tutorial 16.ifx file (33MB)



Contents of Tutorial 16: