in:Flux Tutorial 20 - Monitor Surfaces for Fire Simulations


As of version 2.11 in:Flux can have monitor surfaces defined. These are only applicable to projects with fire simulations as the surface provides data of heat flux values for each of the fire cases in the project. These can be steady state or transient fire simulations.


Surface Heat Flux data is available for both steady state and transient fire simulations providing data for radiative heating, convective heating, total (radiative and convective) heating, aver and maximum heat flux values as well as the maximum temperature values obtained on the defined surface. Solar radiation may also be added to the project.


You may also watch this video for information about setting up monitor surfaces for your project:


In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Define a monitor surface

  • View and export surface radiation data form in:Flux

  • View and export exceedance curves for monitor surfaces 



Files used in this tutorial, included in the inFlux v2.0 Tutorials 15 - (263MB):

  • Tutorial 16.ifx (33MB)



Contents of Tutorial 20: