Tutorial 2 - High Pressure Leak Dispersion Simulation


A ventilation simulation is the foundation of in:Flux dispersion analyses. The mesh from the simulation is used as a baseline for the mesh of the dispersion simulation. in:Flux can have several domain inputs, known as "inflows," in a given simulation. An inflow is a general term that means any source of dispersed gas, such as an exhaust stack, an accidental leak from a pipe break, or an HVAC system fan. For simplicity we will start with adding a single high pressure release to the project, to simulate an accidental leak.



In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Define a high pressure gas leak (inflow) to a project

  • Setup a dispersion simulation

  • Add an isosurface to the project



Files used in this tutorial, or you may continue for your own working file from Tutorial 1:


Contents of Tutorial 2: