in:Flux Tutorial 15 - Jet Fire Simulation


The next few tutorials will go over the fire simulation capabilities of in:Flux. These will be similar to the earlier tutorials for dispersion - going over single case definition, multiple case definition, transient, and custom emission (pool fires).


Jet fires are defined in a similar way to dispersion - by combining a single ventilation case with a single inflow. Once complete post-processing variable for incident radiation, soot mass and volume fractions as well as concentrations for fuel and products are available. 


This tutorial will repeat the setup of Tutorial 2 but instead run a jet fire case rather than a dispersion case. Contours will be defined using the Black Body and Kindlmann color maps. Monitors will also be defined to view carbon dioxide levels along a walkway.


In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Define a jet fire simulation

  • View additional equations being solved for fire cases

  • Define temperature contours with various color maps

  • Define isosurfaces of incident radiation values

  • Define isosurface of soot volume fraction

  • Define and review monitor data for spot measurements of incident radiation as well as CO2 levels



Files used in this tutorial, or you may continue for your own working file from Tutorial 1:


Contents of Tutorial 15: