in:Flux Tutorial 19 - Risk Based Fire Simulations


A concept that has existed in the field of safety analysis for some time is simulating several fire cases and using the results to generate exceedance plots of radiation or thermal loads. There are various applications for this information such as PFP design or escape route analysis. It can also be supplemental for flame detector placement although rarely performed. Now with in:Flux and the ifx:Solve software risk-based fire assessment projects are now scalable to 1000s of cases. Projects can be computed in days without the need of super computers or waiting weeks for results. 


This tutorial will go over using the Risk Manager to setup multiple inflows in a project to combine with a wind rose to define and run 160 fire simulations on a small offshore module. The combined data of the completed cases will be reviewed and exceedance contours for incident radiation will be defined.


In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Adding Porous Regions for grated decks and to approximate complex CAD

  • Use the Risk Manager to define multiple fire simulations

  • Define a risk data set for incident radiation

  • Review exceedance contours of incident radiation


Files used in this tutorial, included in the inFlux v2.0 Tutorials 15 - (263MB):

  • Offshore Rig - CAD Only.ifx (33MB)

  • Tutorial 19.ifx (42MB)



Contents of Tutorial 19: